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The man in front of me just kissed his woman on the cheek

He leaned back too far and my legs hurt a bit

But I will get through it, and have a cheek to kiss

A smile to miss

A laugh to recall

A fall, that didn’t hurt at all

Because it was with you

We came so close

Then off I went to the coast

To be miles apart from someone helps put what they mean to you in perspective

The idea of you makes me feel safe

At home

Where the heart lies

In blue eyes and brown hair

In witnessing a beautiful sunset

All the while wishing you were there

I wonder if you missed me like I have missed you

My heart says it to be true

Flying above an ocean of spectacular blue

I want to fall asleep tonight with you

Arms gripping tight

Happiness no longer out of sight

Thankful for such a chance

Perhaps your hand in a dance

Slowly under shooting stars

In this moment heaven can’t be too far

At my finger tips

Embraced with gods reincarnation with lips

Your head resting against my heart

The scent of your hair

Soon to be infatuated with every inch of your body

That I will never be able nor want to forget

I need you close

And ask you please

Continue losing yourself in me.