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I look her in the eyes knowing that it is my heart and not my mind that has chosen to keep her by my side

I am not supposed to tell her this– but I tell you– everything is different this time

It appears that the story of my life was written for this one and it would be a sin to rewind

I miss her while she is still in my arms

I tell her this free from setting off any flashing red lights or alarms

All of the words I have once written– seem to be about my love that I am now smitten

Few things have ever seemed so right

You consume me both by day and by night

You inspire in a blind man– sight

The futile and weak– strength to fight

I imagine heaven must resemble the way you taste tonight

We will boogie and make sweet love because I will certainly lose every fight

Even though I don’t think we will

Nothing is perfect

But you are the closest I know

There is not bound to the heights we’ll grow

Interwoven into one another’s soul

Your love and happiness is this romantics goal

The air I breathe is sweeter with you by my side

I anxiously await your ecstasy under the stars ocean side

I will hold you in my arms as the waives wash us with their wonder

I will kiss you because only your lips can satisfy my hunger

I will keep you close and watch you grow because with a heart and mind like yours there is no limit to the places we will go.

Photo Credit to Eric Hampton


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