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The unknown man,
wakes up in the morning
takes his shower
and goes to a place he calls work
we could say that he does something important
something that changes the world
but it wouldn’t be the truth
he files papers away for some big corporation
when he returns home at the end of the day
he has no dinner on the table
no one is there to ask him how his day was
this man has no family
his fiancé left him at the alter
his parents died when he was young
but somehow, yes, he manages to get through the day
in a sad and depressing way
he tucks himself into his bed
there is a huge stack of books on the night stand
which he has read
but he is not reading tonight
something just doesn’t seem right
so he falls asleep when the time comes
and sure enough
he wakes  up in the morning
and does it all again
this is the Unknown Man.