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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

When I look into your eyes, I see inside of you

I can see your past, all you have endured

I see the story of a girl, who in my story, is the sun that rises each day

Sharing its beauty with the world in the purest way

But at days end, when you have set and disappeared away

Like the earth, I am filled with darkness

I try and fall asleep through an entire night, but your absence for just an instant turns me contrite

All I can do is think how I miss you

Suddenly and seemingly love becomes the only issue

I have grown to depend on your ascension each day

When you shine your love and beauty upon me like spring skies of May

I lay here victim of your existence, the night and pray

Thinking of when you will  once again warm me with your rays

With my speech all I can produce, all that I can say:

“Won’t you once more rise for me and give love a reason to stay?”





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