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By Kevin Alan Lamb

I’m down and diggin’ this girl

Nothing’s gonna’ change my mind

It sure is something; the way you dissolve time

Five hours or five days? Let me count the ways you and I escape this place

Pick up and leave our bodies behind as we see how the gardens of Eden taste

I speculate a bit like you

Cotton candy skies woven with pink and blue

The Eiffel Tower held together by glue

A substance like your love holding strong and true

Endure the cold winds of the world if for even a single summer night’s breeze

Warm ocean waves and your scent tiptoe on my tingling knees

Brought to the Earth

Consumption, a blessing and not a curse

A dance I’ve always loved, yet don’t often enough rehearse

Won’t you tango with me? Heart on a sleeve

A damn good reason to believe

A hand to hold and each other’s lives to see

You will be what I need this cold winter

Your touch hot like a spring on a great Alaskan mountain adventure

If you can hold on I’ll take you for a ride

Perhaps of a lifetime

Or at least the duration of a good vinyl

My lips are nothing if not a pain killer with a touch of Tylenol

Let me ease your pain and bring ease of breath to your chest

Melt like the chocolate cake you love

Blessed with extraordinary sweetness from the souls that linger above

You inspire their dance while I succumb to your trance

I have donated my heart to your science, please proceed with care your highness.


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Credit Eric Hampton, aka the Storyteller