By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

My beautiful girl: I’m afraid you’ll become my world

For better, and well better

Your imprint travels through my veins

I wish to put in words what your kiss sings to me

Would you mind if I graffiti the moon for the whole world to see?

Does someone like you ever realize what they do to someone like me?

I want your hand to cover this land with love, lunacy and laughter

There should be no confusion – it is your heart that I am after

A heart to hold, a heart to trust

A heart that deserves the best of love

I will endure the world’s pain to protect you from your tears

Because when you cry- it will never be because I didn’t try

I will hold you close and feel your heart beat next to mine

The world around us ceases to be as your lips lend to laying lazy lost from time

Days may pass, but as I grow closer to my death I’ll continue to chase you see

Your song I wish to sing to you, the way your eyes sing to me

Imagine a romantic caught in serendipity

Know thy self the Greeks perpetually preached

A certain gift from the God’s soon to be within lips reach

I am no laity but the good word of your love I will preach

She will save even condemned souls from the depths of darkness

Proceed with caution and care with a spark like this

Wide-eyed and heart upon my sleeve

I will chase you to the worlds end and for that many believe me naïve

But if naivety will be my demise

All I ask in return is your hand, heart and lips for but one sunrise.

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