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I gaze upon a mystifying beauty
I wish more could see the brilliance which my eyes capture
Roaring blue waves crashing upon the black voltan rock
the silhouette of the now dormant volcano in the horizon
the glimmer of the gentle sun upon the water’s surface
I hold my breath and hope not to blink
Because there will come a day when my eyes must return to reality
and I will be eluded by the wonder of the silent swaying palm trees in the sky
the pure white sand through my toes as I walk
the dark bodied Dolphins gliding through  the water
the steam as the waterfall enters the Jacuzzi from above
the sweet smell of ocean and paradise that reminds me of love
It is all like an amazing escape
a chance to leave the crowded and busy world
and see the hot sun glisten off a brilliant Hawaiian girl
the feeling of warmth and comfort as the sun sheds its rays on my welcoming skin
If only we could make moments last forever
I try to capture this tropical heaven
a camera is capable of only so much
you may see what I saw
but never how I saw it
you will not smell the heavenly aroma
likened to a trance induced by soma
wide awake but within a peace produced only in a coma
you will not feel the Dolphins against your skin as you swim
There is a gentle and true purity to this world that makes it painful to sin
I sit here today-overwhelmed by beauty from out to in
I thank the good Lord for his gift of words to help you feel what I see

Tropical euphoric paradise- that is awe inspiring to me.