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She’s a good girl, she makes me smile

Even if- I haven’t caught her scent in a while

She reminds me- of happiness and love

She instills in me- light from above

She’s been away from me- for quite a long time

But she really never- left me at all

I believe in her love, her heart and soul

A beautiful energy- she’ll tell you so

I believe some things- never die

Much more powerful things, than you and I

Transcendence, through both time and space

An emotional high- I miss the taste

Do you remember dancing? In the water

We were weightless, unbounded and free

We are dreamers- who never needed time to believe

In something better, than this time and this place

In something bigger, than even your beautiful face

There’s a purpose- even if we cannot touch it

If you’ve witnessed living harmony, you know there’s no rushing it

Controllably- out of control

Knowingly- giving your soul

To something sweeter- than most ever know

I remember the day I met you- the day this became real

I remember when I lost you- the feeling surreal

Time is a blessing- we seem to forget this

Love is a guilty pleasure- yet we’ve come to expect it

Belief is a good thing- no reason to neglect it

Walking on oceans, walking on water

Without gravity, without limits

No telling the ending, this is still the beginning

Be sure not to pass by happiness, caught up in winning or sinning

I miss her smile- I tremble and quiver

Thankful to the god, that did deliver her

I’m reminded, of rationale and space

Yet refuse to be blinded, and continue your chase.