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Born into a world which didn’t accept me
into a society in which I was of no value
No control over how I arrived
none of it was my fault
But for a mistake I never made
I will never be seen
you make me feel like it’s my fault
that I’m a disease to the world
but what else do you expect me to do?
I can never be like You
born with  no parents
not a dollar to my name
my life and existence to all of you
is nothing more than a defective piece in a game
to wake each day with the same goal as the last
survival as a means of purpose runs dry so fast
all the odds are against my survival
in the game of life I am the underdog
you will not look upon me with envy
I’m not the one that you will tell your children about
I’ll be the one their told to stay away from
the disease to never catch

The wretched that walks this Earth only to infect
look what you did to me
defeated in my very footsteps
Where has the strength gone?
Like the chorus of a once vibrant song
Born poor in a world of favor
but I am the unfavorable
Why is it you lead me to believe something that isn’t true?
Why god why?
Please, say something out of the bright light as plead my final plea to you.