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To be faithful

This is something that one in love should unquestionably commit to

How can you bare to look into her eyes?

What if she had been with other guys?

She could hide it with her lies

Making you not none the wise

Unknowing to the sacrifice of your love

In each hug

She hides from you so deep

It’s the kind of thing that comes out in her sleep

Occasionally she may weep

At the times when she realizes the purity of your love that she didn’t keep

But the worst part of it all

You will never know the difference

You can never ask her why

Why she risked everything for one night with a guy

Why she stopped caring about you if only for an instant?

But more importantly why she had always previously resisted?

What changed?

Could you take it no longer?

Instead of growing stronger

Did your love fade?

Did you forget what we had made?

Did you forget how I would do anything for you?

Because you’re the love of my life

The one I see every night

The one who emerges from darkness to light

The one who lies to me everyday

Because she is afraid in the end I might not stay.