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It hurts me more than you know

It hurts me all the time

I can’t simply say it is going to be fine

Because you are mine

And it kills my mind

That I am unable to do a thing

I want to do something or say something so very badly

But you tell me it will only make it worse

You tell me it is your curse

And I am not the magician to lift it

I can’t sit and listen much longer

My anger grows stronger as you tell me what they do

My heart crumbles knowing they’re hurting you

It fills me with such intense anger

I once told you that I’d always protect you from danger

But that is one threat which you refuse me to protect

I want to talk to them and see it in their eyes

See if they can be strong or the cowards they are when I see through their lies

They know how close we have become

And even though I’m far

It won stop me from starting to run

To your safety and their demise

Show them their actions are not very wise

I want to condemn them a thousand times

Scream hatred poetry full of rhymes

Maybe it would take that for them to listen

Because I can take it no more

Maybe they will be ashamed of their flaws

Their ability to love their children deserves no applause

They should be beaten and punished for their action

See my reaction

See how I respond when you beat the girl I love

Know always that I am watching from above

Watching their every move like a dove

And pretty soon I will not allow myself to sit and listen

If I see a tear in my love’s eye glisten

How quickly my pacifism will be missing

So strongly my fists tighten

My once peaceful mind will turn to nothing but fighting!!