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Laying lazy with my lady lately

Soft to touch, so sweet to kiss, a scent I hope I never come to miss

You have awakened my soul

There is no turning back

I cannot remember looking another in the eyes certain there is nothing they lack

Your allure will be my consumption

Your lips and lust will inspire in me gumption

Twenty five and twenty two, me and you, with the world to see

Close your eyes and get lost in a journey with me

Let us free ourselves of worry and doubt

That is not what loving is about

Fall asleep by your side, in your bright and beautiful eyes I will confide

Breathe out so I can breathe your beauty inside

I will hold it close and never let it slip away

When I miss you I will trace your luminescence from the eye of the sun down to its rays on the skin of your face

I have traveled far and near, both East and West, yet it seems the compass that leads me to you knows best

My heart beats for the smile on your face

The delicious kisses I will never let waste

The memories we’ll make

The moments caught between love and hate that no sands of time will recreate

My lady you have caught my eye

Won’t you accompany me in soft kisses, candlelight, and red wine?

I have spotted you across the room and cannot function without your hand in dance

Take a chance and abandon sweet reason for the romance we’ve both been needing

Take a chance with me

Take a chance and see, the possibility before two children at play who believe.

In something better

Something bigger

In anything at all

For a reminder of what it feels like to fall

For your eyes and lips that I wish to kiss

Your heart and soul- that has cast its shadow on me like a lunar eclipse.