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Lying in bed

With all these things running through my head

I cannot make them stop

Or slow down

You make my world turn up side down

Moving so fast, I can hardly see

What can I do, to bring you to me?

I close my eyes, and try to make it stop

But you make my blood, boil so hot

You give me a smile

That I can’t hide

I have such a grin, it’s so damn wide

You make me move, all the time

I see a day, where you’ll be mine

No matter what I say

Or even do

There is no, getting over you

The sparkle in your eye

That makes me high

I want to write to you

In the sky

Then the world would see

As did I

How true my love is, as it did fly

Don’t ask why

It’s just because

I’m just a boy, you made fall in love

Now I lie in bed

Thinking of everything you said

There’s no turning back

My heart’s replaced my head.