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It seems so natural

So obvious of our feelings

Will I let her know?

Or just see where it goes

I can see here smile as I kiss her lips

With my hands moving up and down her hips

She makes me shiver

So much you want to give her

She is on your mind

Most all the time

She makes you smile dosed with happiness

Where it is going?

I am unknowing

But each day this feeling is growing

Maybe soon I will start more intensely showing

I fell you inside when I hear your voice

In the car world you are a Rolls Royce

If I take a chance will I find romance?

No, that is not code for getting in your pants

I want you

Your eyes your lips

Your heart your soul

Not just a bit, the crazy, the beautiful in whole

I want your trust and sincerity

I want to see us happy in perfect clarity

I will try and obtain these things

But I still don’t know how your heart feels when your phone rings

And it is my voice you hear

These things are unclear

But I shall not fear

The time is near

When things will be revealed

Feelings should rarely be concealed

Life is short

And tomorrow could always be too late

Until you know these things

I dare not hesitate.