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I hear my self screaming as loud as I can

Why can no on hear me?

Do they not listen to my words?

They always listen to my songs

I remember singing to them, it hasn’t been that long

Where have they all gone, today I miss them the most

Everyone once cluttered chaotically around me

Now, they appear faint like a fading ghost

I need a hand to hold

Where are the eyes across the room for me to see?

I need those deep soothing eyes

They comfort the sadness in my tears

I feel your heart beat

But I haven’t touched you in years

I miss your touch

I miss your lust

I miss the way you frown on a rainy day

I miss it because with me your frown could never remain

I take away the sadness from your tears

I give you what the world has sought for an eternity of years

But they look in all the wrong places, behind all the wrong doors

Tonight it rains on my world but I feel if the drops touch your skin

Then perhaps I’ll feel them trickle down your chin

Into your lips

Tonight, as it rains, I am reminded of the pleasures of your kiss.