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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Close your eyes

She’s still there

The long flowing brown hair

You look away

But can’t help to stare

You think of talking to her

But you don’t dare

You try and listen to music

But you hear her voice

Are you making a choice?

Or is it making you?

What is that I feel?

Is it real?

I don’t always talk to her

Just seeing if she will talk to me

I avoid her

Seeing if she will try and see

I lie awake in bed

How did this girl get into my head?

Doesn’t my heart listen to anything that is said?

The lights all flashing red

Yet I close my eyes

And she is still there

Doesn’t seem so fair

She might not even care

Could anything fire a flare?

Does she ever fight not to stare?

Or is this simply my problem to bear?

About to give up

A gust of wind through your hair

Giving you the chills

And in it you see all the thrills

A high not equaled by any amount of pills

You look to the sun

To find it shines on just one

Maybe once it is dark

I can escape my heart

But then the moon fills the sky

And the stars own the night

There’s no sense to fight

Because when you close your eyes

The girl you see is the one thing that’s right


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