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I’m breaking down with these walls around me

Been waiting too long for a sound that never found me

Long nights and less and less sleep

The consequences less and less steep

I’m breaking down with these walls around me

Crumbling to Earth because she never found me

I build and I build myself so strong in this cruel world

Yet here I am crumbling and crumbling waiting on you girl

I wandered streets both long and narrow

Drunken the house’iest of whiskeys down to the last barrel

Never looking for answers to the whole that is a cancer without my tiny dancer

I’m breaking down with these walls all around me

Always hoping you tried your best- just never found me

Mother Earth is a queen and a bitch

Some things it appears were never meant to be fixed

Perhaps Judas wasn’t the only one who knew a few tricks

I’m breaking down with these walls around me

I always like to pretend it would have been different if you found me

Yet in the end I always knew it might be my demise counting on a maybe

Remember me for hopes and my love for the coast

For my words and my dreams, my love and my beliefs

I stood by you to the end, even though you never knew me

I lie suffocated by these walls waiting for a girl who may have just outgrew me

They always foretold my loyalty be my demise

Burdened by wisdom- casting darkness before wise eyes

Unable to see the very walls that would end my life

The sun is setting in the distance now

I will be dead by night.