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Some like to call it a blessing in disguise
Others simply believe that everyone’s time will someday come
Everything happens for a reason they say
Yet more often than not- for these reasons people pray
It’s far easier to say than to accept
There is no way of knowing when you may be next
When will you face such burden?

You’ve tried to imagine, but ineffable is the hurting
Then one morning you rise and it their cries that bring you from slumber

From the TV set you hear a repeated mumble
Late last night one Kevin Lamb has died
They repeat that great effort was given to rescue him from the crash yet he remained trapped inside
None of their efforts could prevent the tragic from happening
It strikes you so sudden
You never even said goodbye to your dear friend
Crying out in tears and left to wonder why
Arms raised to the heavens, or so they say
Looking for answers from some bit of wonder in the sky
A thousand bricks pummel you all at once
Tears collect and descend from your eyes- you despise their taste
As you picture the final look on his face
He saw it all before his very alive blue eyes
Innocence lost in just one second under sunny blue skies
Nothing but sprinting questions flood your train of thought
Desperately looking for answers
Yet light eludes me in these times of darkness
What is the greater purpose in this suffering?
Given a million years my question will stand

It is without reason my best friend has died and left this land
Rational order has surrendered to chaotic despair
I loathe myself for all the frivolous times I proclaimed the world unfair!

Paralyzed and scared
A life intervened by tragedy
The collision of heaven and Earth

No soul untouchable to such curse
Someone so special saying goodbye from a hearse
Yesterday he breathed, full of life

Today, I struggle to find my own as he lies breathless before my sight
Taken in just an instant
Light turned to darkness
His memory dissipates with every breath he does not breathe
Yet the world is still without any answers that I believe
Because there are no answers in tragedy

Only pain and societies futile strategy for moving on
My heart beats on as I drowned forever in sorrow
Because for my best friend in this world or the next

There truly is no tomorrow.