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This cold winter is warmed by your touch

Snowflakes surround me yet my skin is red from blush

Your scent carries on the wings of even the coldest breeze

Your kiss transforms the strongest of warriors to a beggar on his knees

Needing more of your breath to breathe

For the first time he understands this concept of need

Dependence on an entity that cannot be manifest from within

Like trying to explain evil to a man free from sin

Black white and gray is the world this winter wishes us to perceive

Yet buried beneath 10 feet of snow this seed believes it can grow to surpass all of the Earth’s trees if accompanied by your need

The Earth is cold

A man’s soul is not

But perhaps it is neglected

Explaining the phenomena of greatness within the unexpected

Love looming despite the burden of a winter’s blizzard

Life where you look for it last

Hope for the hopeless

Love for the loveless

A non-existent breed we give false-life to because we search for the one we need

Love is with us all

It is not always easy to see but that’s the tricky thing about greatness to be

Perfection would not be if it stood in plain sight before you and me

Love is the suffering we believe we cannot endure

Love is the disease that they tell us we cannot cure

It is in those who doubt the man you wish to be

So please, this winter, remain hopeful that you will find a reason to once again see, need, and believe.