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I will let you in on a secret us wise fools keep locked in our minds
A trick to help elongate the pace of the race till the end of time
Act now, consider later
Despite science’s attempts life will not be chilled forever in a refrigerator
Goodbye may greet you tomorrow
Next week the Grim Reaper may ask of your life to borrow
No one can predict when the end will come
Death often chases us with no chance to run

This certainly isn’t news to some
There is no opting out of life or death

Demise will certainly bring us all to rest
The medical man grants you a week to live

Despite his foresight, life and death is not his forecast to give
Death and life are elusive sons of guns

Cursed to fail just when we told ourselves we finally won
No matter this approach or that
Faith is often as certain as fact
How do we prepare for an inevitable uncertainty?

I argue we cannot
Then why not worry about dying after the fact?

Join the worriers of the world buried six feet under with casket and grave intact
Enjoy these days that you breathe and run free
Believe in your potential, and take a risk for the beauty of what could be
Act on impulses and urges, both big and small
Follow your heart to wherever it takes you, especially after you fall
Because without the bottom, there is no top

A passionate soul knows not the meaning of stop
Act now, die later
Love now, regret while buried in the Earths refrigerator
Living on the edge of impulse is not an ignorance of consequence or conscience

It is a belief in the heart and mind God gave you

If just for once- surrender and embrace the way the maker made you
Take a chance and succumb to your greatness

What fear of you of death until you have finally made this- the life you saw when you closed your eyes and dreamed?
When death comes knocking on your door, while you were busy planning this life you intended to lead

For the first time you will understand what it means to bleed
You will not be able to take it back
It will be too late because you failed to act
I beg you not to wait and see
Because everything you wished your life to be

Is already a dissipated memory of a hypothetical reality.