By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

What if I was to tell you not to go and throw all of your kisses away

What if all of your good kisses were to run out someday?

Imagine if you could never make her feel how she eased your pain?

Long for the moment your lips come together

Closer than you have ever been before

There is only one first kiss

Wouldn’t you miss, if you did not wish for it to last?

Some things never settle in a distant past

Kiss her so she knows you need her by your side

Do you remember the nights you dreamt for her lips as a guide?

In an exhale discover the only lips in which you wish to confide

The only one who justifies the seemingly endless search inside

The answer to my riddle is no longer hidden behind closed doors

Have you ever discovered a girl that could construct and consume your world?

They told you that it couldn’t be love

Only because they hadn’t found their own

How long has it been since you’ve stared into eyes signifying you had found your way home?

How many miles have you roamed combing the sands of the Earth for the blessing of her?

How many days of despair did you endure to discover the scent of her hair?

We have come too far to be without a kiss for the one we’ve missed

She has always been the one who you will save your kisses for

It will be given to her when you know she won’t let it go to waste

When she tells you she will love the way it tastes

For this reason you save the perfect kiss

Because in your world, she is the perfect girl

And after you kiss her

Your world be illuminated by a glimmer of perfection

The type of light the devout liken to resurrection

She will occupy your thoughts and dreams

She will steal your kisses and bring tingles to your knees

Always remember the feeling when you first kissed those perfect lips that could part seas

Never count on a miracle but forever remain a soul who believes!

In Love Born and die Good Sign