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Girl you make my blood boil hot

I’d follow you to the world’s edge

Just name the spot

I’m so into you I fear I can’t be what you expect

But my heart is begging me to be yours

Ocean waves creeping up the shore

Pushed and pulled by the force of the moon

If I drowned in your heart tomorrow it wouldn’t be too soon

I imagine the sea, peaceful, beautiful, yet capable of such destruction

Your eyes, your lips, your everything- that I might soon need to function

I have come to believe you are the perfect girl

And for a long time now I’ve come to terms that this isn’t a perfect world

How am I to deal with such contradiction?

The idea of you still seems like such fiction

In one moment I was willing to risk the world for you

Call me crazy; call my vision hazy, maybe I’ll still prove to be just a fool

But I have been a fool before

And for so much less

So much less

This is something extraordinary

And even more reason for me to fear it

Yet all I wish for is to be near it

I don’t even know your scent yet I wish it near

Don’t even know your touch but to be without it I fear

I never considered I could wake up in a world with you by my side

Often I considered the possibility would require me to search the world wide

From East to West

Heaven to Hell

Stars to sea

The stars which you fell

But here you are

And I am without words

Without reason

Only a long shot that heaven’s gates open to me this season

Bless me a miracle that I may not deserve

Not because I am not a good man

Not because I wouldn’t give most anything to prevent tears from your eyes

But for so many reasons I’ve went sleepless on far too many nights

For reasons unknowns

For belief from which I’ve grown

That maybe this type of happiness wasn’t in my cards to own.