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When I look into your eyes
I see what is inside of you
I can see your past
All you have been washed and worn by
I see the story of a girl who came into the world lonely and scared
But my- has she grown
She is the most true person I have ever known
We never had to be fake with one another
We were in it together
Looking to discover
Could they be the one?
Or were they just out for some fun?
When you fell- would they always be there to catch you?
Would they, could they- care as much for you, as you were crazy for them?
We never had to wait by the phone
Hanging onto hope that the other would make their love known
No long nights waiting on a call
Because it was like we were always together
I look back at the greatest days of my life and realized just one thing
I am desperate for you to be my wife
My worst  times were the ones absent of your love
And the best of my days, we stood hand in hand bathed in the sun’s rays
It is something to feel another’s sadness
To experience shared emotions and lose them would be madness
Many search their entire life to find just one
But why keep searching- if I have already found you?
I am defined by our love- wonderful and true
Yet I can only wait and see- as I ask you this one question

Will you marry me?