I used to look at you two
and wonder why?
Why you did what you did
that used to make me cry.
But now that I have moved on
you are no longer an issue.
There are no longer sleepless nights
of me thinking how I miss you.
You are an image of the past
the heartbreak you caused me
didn’t ever last.
I never thought that this day would come
because I knew that you were everything to me
but somewhere along the lines I came to believe
that perhaps I was never the one at loss
but rather you needed me.
I was the one to hold you when you cried
I was the one to console you when your best friend died
so now once again I ask why?
Not because of who you did choose
or because I was the one to lose
because it’s not about winning and losing anymore
its about you being happy.
But at the end of the day
when everyone else has gone away
you will contemplate the decision you once made
and you will realize
that your love for me will never fade
And on that next ungodly awful day
you will wonder and think
and now not I but you
will ask why?