I run these hands through this hair

I let myself drift, for once, thank god I don’t fucking care

Do not worry

This is no attempt to lash out and bury

Former failures or filters from a life I wished not to live

This is life, mine, yours, ours, hard to imagine what I wouldn’t give

Yet still I try

While the heavens cry

Certain I will fail them once more

But what they don’t know

Is where I’m willing to go

For nothing more than a smile on their face

Existence lies in but a single trace

A futile effort is the reduction to this place

It is bigger than this

Bigger than me

When will you see?

What is to be a not to be

Poetic discussion

A life insurance policy pounded like percussion

With the beat of the drum

I realized you’re more than that just a bit better than some

You are the reincarnation of the evil from big toe to thumb

A single stare and my extremities grow numb

Blood fails to circulate inhibiting my every effort to run

Dead in my tracks yet my heart continues to beat

Such wicked love turned deceit

Sunrises lose their meaning if their dawn cannot set me free

How is it you refuse to let me be?

I am but a shadow of the man you made crazy

My memories are no more than tricks you once wished to play

From what world do such creatures come to prey?

It is from but a distant memory I recall how you did amaze

If only they knew

If I know I knew

The heavens cry tonight for such sight

Perhaps God is blind

And even that falls short explaining your kind.