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I look into her eyes and see something different in this one

You can see the loss she has faced

The lost love that grows in her with the days.


It consumes her mind

So she always tries to hide

But it always finds its way into the silence at night


She lies upon her bed

It strikes her still,

An everlasting question that traps her in a gaze


Was it her fault it didn’t work?

What didn’t she do?

Was she always there for you?

Did she not love you at every moment?

Was she not the one who stood faithful in all times?


All she is looking for is a sign

A wish to the answer of a single question


Is she the reason for such pain?

Or is it you that has thrown love away in vein?

Someone who couldn’t appreciate what you had?

Unburdened by leaving your loved one so sad?


I believe you are a blind man

Even then a fool at that to miss what stood before your eyes

It’s more than you can find in most people in this world


She is the perfect girl

Her cute little smile

Her amazing eyes that when gone will haunt you for a while

Certainly you are blind to not see what you had


Your handicapped heart prevented you from seeing what was there

The next time you cross paths with her she won’t even let you stare

While the glimmering moonlight shimmers on her gentle hair


When suddenly you process what you have let be gone with the wind

Because in love you cannot win but with her you already had.