Shame, blame, the name that makes them all collide

I’ve grown, I’ve crumbled, I’ve moved on- yet her I stumble

The reason I can be better- your curse delivered by letter

Imagine, I expected more..

Lately, I imagine what for?

Did you signify reason?

Or have I been consumed by the sweet high of infatuation and Riesling?

It’s a drug we succumb to without ever raising a thumb to

Not caught in a moment, but the world trapped in moments that move you

How they push and they pull, come and go

We ride a waives crescent until it dissipates and is no more

Riding the surface of the your experiences with hopes not to be overtaken

How many doors and choices that become obvious I should have taken?

But this song is not about a man who is forsaken

It is a song of hope, salvation, and Southern twang

A recollection of moments that pass as eternities while we dance drowned in rain

The look in her eyes across from you that doesn’t numb but transcends any and all pain

Five letters of a name that equate the five letters of your heart

Was it written this way from the start? Or have we written our stories on nights such as this?

Is it possible that every obstacle can be overtaken by your kiss?

Will I recall these days with such certainty that your lips are the drug I’ve come to miss?

I’d wish to be free of this addiction, but not at the price of your extinction from my song

I’ll let my colors show, even long after you’re gone

The human imprint upon my soul

A romantic rendering of an angel that has never failed to glow

Often eluding even the plainest of sight

Yet how I recall with such clarity your shine- each and every night

In the rain we seemed safe

Bound to one another by the elements of this Earth

Time is the only entity powerful enough to transform blessing to curse

But to succumb to such a circular evaluation of our love will undoubtedly expedite our road to the hearse

At my best and worst and I feel your body heat through time, space, and the rain each night

My best, equipped with a smile as I see who I became when exposed to your light

My worst, cursed, versed with the ability to see your colors fade out of sight

Contrite, my self-conscious attempts to make the distinction

Even at the price of my soul’s conviction

Because in this trial I am both judge and jury

Guilty and innocent, with love, is one in the same

Bound by our mistakes

Written in one another’s fate

In love and loss there are no mistakes

But how I do remember our nights in the rain

And the five letters when spoken that will always be your name.