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MLB and Crisis, Fan Survey


The purpose of this survey is to gain insight into the fan’s perception of MLB and its players in the context of crisis. Fan’s responses will help evaluate MLB’s public relation efforts to shape the intended perception of the game.



(1-10, 1 being the lowest/ strongly disagree, 10 being the highest/ strongly agree, N/A for unknown)


  1. Roger Clemens should be in the hall of fame.  ___________


  1. Clemens should not serve time for the indictments he faces. ___________


  1. Clemens should serve the maximum sentence for committing perjury before the grand jury. ___________


  1. I am no longer a fan of Clemens due to his display of a lack of integrity. ____________


  1. I would be a much bigger fan of Clemens had he owned up to cheating. ___________


  1. Steroids in baseball have shattered the integrity of sacred records. __________


  1. MLB has taken the necessary steps to cleanse the organization of steroids. __________


  1. The Mitchell Report displays a desire to reform. __________


  1. Barry Bonds is first ballot Hall of Fame. __________


  1. Armando Galaragga should be sportsman of the year. __________


  1. Jim Joyce is man of integrity, and represents baseball well. ________


  1. I forgive Jim Joyce for stealing perfection from Galaragga. __________



  1. Andy Pettitte is a sell out for contributing to the case against Clemens and using. _________


  1. Baseball is our Nation’s pastime. _________


  1. Steroids are responsible for bringing baseball back. ___________


  1. It is easier to forgive professional athletes than politicians or other leaders. ____________


  1. I feel a uniquely strong attachment to professional athletes. __________


  1. Players that used steroids did it in the interest of the game. ___________


  1. Players that used steroids were justified to maintain a level playing field _____________


  1. Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. _________


  1. Baseball will never be the game it was before the strike. ___________


  1. Cal Ripken JR. brought baseball back. ________


  1. Baseball is no different than any other sport. _________


  1. Jason Giambi is a role model for admitting his use. ___________


  1. I am aware that Giambi is the only active MLB player appearing in the Mitchell Report to admit use. __________


  1. Large contracts played a significant role in steroid use. _________


  1. Jose Canseco is a man of integrity for throwing up red flags on steroid use in MLB. ________


  1. I do not respect players that used. _____________


  1. All players named in The Mitchell Report should be penalized under law. ___________


  1. I was disappointed when Bonds shattered the single season home run record. _________


  1. Baseball is close to my heart. _____________


  1. Athletes have a greater influence over children than any other icons. ____________


  1. MLB is responsible for players using steroids. _________


  1. Use of steroids does not change the way I feel about baseball. ___________