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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

A boy wakes each morning
A man falls asleep each night
Each day this boy wakes, the man he wants to be, grows further out of sight
The boy must not be discouraged, though to do so, he must have great courage
With the rise and fall of the sun, society screams for him to be someone
Someone he says?
Is this someone not me?
A boy I may be, but that boy is free
With only the world to see
Food, breath, and love, are all the things I need
So quick to cite my shortcomings
Never once has it crossed your mind, I choose to walk at times, rather than running?
For this life to be mine, I must traverse at my pace, on my time
The sea will always be blue
The person I’ll never be society, is you
To the sea and beach is where my wheels will soon take me
I’ve always preferred the oceans waves to bathe and erase me
The sea takes and it gives
Lets, and lets not live
A boy transcends youth, standing at the edge of the world, starring into the horizon
Even after sunset, the depth of darkness reminds him the light inside him
Passion is not linear
Love is not measurable
But days will turn nights
Young, old
The Living, dead.
On your gravestone, will you be remembered more for what is in your heart or your head?
Do you sleep better wide awake or lying in bed?
Is your burden so incredible that nothing can be said?
If you bleed, will it not be red?
Bound not by our skin and bones
Our head or our toes
But our hearts and our souls!
A boy becomes a man
The living, dead
But can you be happy with the choices you make?
Is all there is to be said.





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