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In this city I find my home

Between the streets, buildings, and crowds through which I roam

I sit and write as the world comes and goes

A chill in the air and fresh rain in the streets

A smile comes to my face in a moments’ what could be

Thinking of a girl that may or may not be thinking of me

I am good in this moment

Fingers to keys, ear drums to the beat

This is where my essence loves to lie

Likened to a mid-afternoon picnic on blanket under blue sky

A tune like a ray of sun draws my love out to play

A lyric like a hand inspires me for better days

There will always be better days

There will always be worse

Vision like love is both blessing and curse

But do we not see, because of negative possibilities?

I sit with eyes open wide

I type words I’ve never thought to hide

In words and music is where my essence lies

You must have your own version of my coffee house picnic under blue skies?

Where is it that your passion loves to hide?

Our occupations do not determine that which is inside

We all have arms that we miss and wished were open wide

Days pass, and miles stretch– but please never forget to connect

Be at peace with your passion and practical dreams

Remember, hell never is truly as hot as it seems

You are the only answer to the questions you seek

It has always been you deciding what can and cannot be

If your love is displaced then perhaps you must leave

Endless possibilities often don’t lie at the end of your street

Hope while hope runs strong

Believe that if you’re living and loving no dreams will ever be gone

Wakeup tomorrow and be content

It is the ground from which your life will be built

Give yourself to something you love and know no guilt

Persist when certain you’ll fail and fall

Stand, even when you’re not feeling 10 foot tall

Climb your personal mountain, even if first you must crawl.