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By Kevin Alan Lamb

“And I’m frightened by those who don’t see it.” The Avett Brothers

Life these days is composed by those telling you cannot be it

Your dreams exist in this world, so won’t you free it?

These days I walk a road I’ve seen before

Life waits through an opened door

Is it time to wake up and want more?

Is your soul woven together like mine?

Are you a romantic trapped in the wrong time?

Do you kid yourself telling yourself everything is fine?

When you close your eyes is it light or darkness you see?

When you wake in the morning does your alarm tell you what you can and cannot be?

Do you miss summer nights under a sky lit bright?

Do you remember something that meant more to you than yourself?

Was there a time if you lost someone you might as well be in hell?

Have you grown strong from weak?

Is it love you seek?

Are the sun, sky, moon and stars romantic landscapes that bring you peace?

Have you fallen asleep lately thinking of someone you need?

Has it been so long since you discovered someone that makes you feel free?

Will you embrace loving arms even if you’re not ready?

Is today a day worth being blown away?

When you close your eyes to sleep at night do you pray for love or love to pray?

Have you been reminded lately why God is good for every day you’re on this Earth?

Has it been long since you were told you’re a blessing and not a curse?

Does happiness seem more like an ideal that is rehearsed?

When you close your eyes can you see how spectacular you are?

I never remember the wishes only shooting stars

Trails of phenomena fill the night’s sky

The four lettered word love brings you to life again and then you die

Hope is a dangerous thing, but it is the best of things

Will you fall asleep tonight with hope hid behind your eyes?

Will tomorrow’s sunrise bring the blessing and possibilityof blue skies?

Can I tell you I miss you or must I remain hidden behind this disguise?

I apologize in advance for my love

It is the way I was written

How the grand architect intended

This is my story

Love, tragedy, pain and glory

Photo Credit Eric Hampton


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