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Born to change
But I live to stay the same
Closer to the point where I claim to be insane
Will it numb the pain?
Do you ever have days where you wish you could melt away with the rain?
Into the sewers and into the Earth
Our freedom is both a blessing and a curse
Bound to its potential
Cursed by your lack of credentials
Stacking up days like the sun puts out rays
Burning alive right before my very eyes
Trapped in the perfect storm yet amidst blue skies
Same old story
Without guts no glory
Stuck in between
Continued blur of waking life and a dream
Everything is about as it seems
A hangover that you can’t escape
Blessed and cursed for goodness sake
No longer does the balance rest on a chance you’ve yet to take
Equilibrium has departed
Can you be too far behind?
Amongst it all what do you think there is to find?
Holding onto everything and nothing
Grasping traces of traces with clinched fists
Afraid to blink because it’s certain you’re going to miss
This, that and everything in between
Everything is just as it seems