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“I said heat waive can’t complain, if the world’s at large then I’ll remain.”


Not looking for anything particular, it might drive me insane

Thinking about a girl but I can’t remember her name

Aint going anywhere, I haven’t already been

Not sure how to get out, not sure how I got in


Days get shorter, nights fill my life

Only in futility did I ever strife

My mind is muted by an echo of my voice

Didn’t choose this path, can’t recall ever making any choice


Baby I’m going places both far and near

I once new a burdening mistress, she like to be called fear

Not holding me down, not this time around

Keep on moving with the sound all the way to the ground


I said heat waive can’t complain, I miss her touch but can’t recall her name


She must be like the rest, all the best always are

Not counting on a miracle, wishing on a star

Bad is bad, this is this, love is love, a kiss, not a kiss

A kiss I miss, both heaven and hell

All is good, but all that’s good isn’t well


Talking while I walk, walking while I talk

Any second I’ll be an outline– drawn in chalk

Not wasting this life, or counting on the next

Not cursing or condemning, have just come to expect


I said heat waive can’t complain, I remember her scent, but they’re all the same


I’m floating on, down this river, not worried about a thing, not a thing I want to give her


I’ll float on alright, float on down out of site, float through the day, and float into the night


We’ll all float on okay, I’m already on my way, but who the hell are you anyway?


Baby I’ve got no time, only years to waste, time for you to float on, we’ll all float without haste


Time is tickin’, the years a stickin’, don’t know how, don’t know why


Good keeps a coming, good keeps a going, but somehow we keep on floatin’, without even knowin’


I said heat waive time to complain, it’s hot on this fuckin’ river, and I’m melting insane.




Credit to Modest Mouse