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Once more I find myself starring into the Jamaican horizon

Cotton candy blue and pink I fix my eyes on

I imagine heaven must look a bit like this

As if god visited the Caribbean for a day, and blessed it with a kiss

Certain my soul will remain young; so long each year I don’t miss

The place where rainbows form a halo above the sun

Where Red Stripe flows like water and the rum never seizes to run

Upon my return to this treasured land, it is both new and familiar faces that make it grand

Rocks upon the breaking waves

Love of something better, love of something bigger under the sun’s rays

Like children of Eden, we swim, we dance, and we play

In such moments it is so prevalent why Mr. Marley would ever say:

“Don’t worry, about a thing, ‘cause every little thing, is going be alright”

I look around at an impoverished nation

Yet there is no notion of suffering

Only peace, love, and happiness

It is for these reasons I will always return to this place

The heart of Jamaica is found on every citizen’s face

Warm eyes, brimming smiles

An ecstasy most have not tasted in a while

The meaning of life is the meaning of happiness

It most certainly runs wild in the Rasta’ way

It is not sold at Wal-Mart; there is no dollar amount for which you can pay

From toes to finger to tips

Eyelashes to smiling lips

Electricity fuels a passionate people

Like three little birds, to be wed in a steeple

They sing, they dance, they love, and romance

I am a better man because of this place

Even despite my wasted wicked ways

I leave refreshed, reminded of my best, and the man I wish to be

Because that man is me; it sometimes just takes a change of perspective to see

This life is the life I wish to lead

And those I share it with I most definitely need

Places without people are like love without loss

I hold you all close, for now and for always

From the rocks I stare heaven in the eyes

She smiles, and gives me a wink

Like a treasure destined to sink

No man alone could bare such beauty

It belongs to the Earth, stars, and sea

I love you Jamaica, you’ve always been good to me.