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There are both sinners and saints

I know which I am

And most definitely what I aint!

I smoke, I drink

I hold it all down, and wander around town

Missing only the suit of a clown

For your pleasure, disgrace, and amusement

If you’re calling after the 20th taste

I’m already in the booze-ment!

I moved out of the Bag

Utilities weren’t included

I felt a bit undressed

All other pirates were suited

The booze-ment is where I go when it’s blackout
I have a few friends there but I don’t recall their names

Between you and me, I think they have a loyalty problem

They only check in on occasion

While I of course, a maintained vacation

Standing before, and saluting you wasted nation!

I pledge my allegiance to the flag…

That burns because I was wearing it when I fell into the fire!

But don’t you worry

It burns bright on this hotbox cloud filled night

It burns for all of those who cannot

All of those who will not

So raise your hand to your mouth

Might as well light this J before the fire is out!

Synonymous burning

A drowned soul yearning

To fly or maybe just get high

Before it is time to come down to Earth

Where he was always been just a bit cursed

But where he once lived, and even loved

He felt blessed from above


Her name was drugs and alcohol

She was a sweet talking persistent son of a bitch

That always seemed to somehow dismiss

My wicked ways

Wasted face


And last but not least

A lack of acquaintance, with a thing call grace.