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I pulled you in, just in time to be apart
Distances shed light, on matters of the heart
I feel you close, when I fall asleep at night
But I miss your warmth, so far from sight
One countdown after another
I suppose life is about time had or lost
Happy to have had, happier to have once more
I await for you on a sandy beach, wont you come ashore?
It may be winter, with chill to the bone
But with you in my heart, I know not alone
I wait for you to once more, be in my arms
I squeeze you tight, the dark sky opens to shed light
On life worth living
Passion worth giving
A certain head to toe worth sinning
Give in to the temptation
Time’s always going to be a wastin’
Waste your time with me
Only the world left to see
Winter cold may make you old
But warmth from within is always a reason to believe.