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It seems the beat of my hard had been fading with the weather
Once vibrant and rapid, to calmed and cooled
The ways of the world can deter our passion
Remind us at times we’re silly to hope for the stars
The idea that a large part of happiness can be attributed to a single girl
Romanticism is a hopeful cause
It will hurt more than help
Burn more than bless
Yet of all the ism’s, I like it best
It never fails to remind me, I must live according to the organ in my chest
Take life’s punches, even when it seems I cannot
Endure the deepest trenches, to one day bask in triumph under sunlight on mountaintop
Days, weeks and months can be dissolved with a single smile
Eyes green like the earth, lips too delicious to think love a curse
To taste is to touch, and to touch is to believe
If you found the Garden of Eden, why would you ever leave?
Blessed with the fruits of life
Blanketed under stars bearing witness in the night
I pull you close, in need of a necessary dose, and thank the good lord for being a gracious host
Our lips touch, a once cooled heart begins to gush, while our passion paints the night’s sky with the precision of Picasso’s brush
Horizons decorated from east to west
The sun and moon are reminded of the hearts inside their very chest
They gaze in awe, shiver in splendor
How beautiful the collision of two hearts can be once surrendered