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I was born today
I am told it is November
It feels like I’ve been asleep for an eternity
Of course this cannot be
Everything’s a bit different than I imagined
More colorful
But it is enough
I am enough
With a smile I walk these streets
Through the first fountain I see I leap
Splish splash, then into a dash
Through the city for the first time
Gazing at the masses, wondering if any of them are mine?
What am I entitled to on this blue earth?
Above me the sky stretches seemingly without ending
Imagine the places I will go
Fountains I will splash through
I wonder if all places will be the same
Streets just as crowded
People just as silly looking
Machines transport them
Perhaps they cannot transport themselves
It must be sad
These two feet will be all the transport I need
I hear a wonderful sound coming from afar
It carries on a gentle breeze
It’s got rhythm, moving to a beat
Soon to follow are my feet
I walk, I run, I dance, now I must fly
Like the feathery creatures not so far above and below
To and fro the Earth they go
I wonder if they can travel till the sky is no more
Reach the limits not even the eye can see
I believe that describes the life I want for me
Undefined limits, until I’m standing right with it
Conquer places these cannot even see
The hills, the plains, the mountains and even valleys
I want it all, the Earth, sun, sky and moon
The sun is past set and it’s second in command is coming soon
All in a day, this I cannot conceive
With such possibilities how could anyone ever want to leave?
With just one more day to live there is still so much to see
I did not believe them when they told me this was all possible if only I did believe.