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Let’s pretend there’s nothing more than this

Imagine your life summed up in the culmination of a kiss

No questions of people and places missed

With you in my arms insanity turned bliss

Once upon a time over burning candles this moment was wished

Here today

Gone tomorrow

With matters of love, can we really borrow?

Or do we steal?

Hope to heal?

To make better?

To lift those from within?

Lift you from your feet

My passion is my commitment to the fortune under which we did meet

Whether stars aligned, or a deal with the devil was signed

Possibility became reality, on an otherwise normal day

Normal days line themselves up Monday through Friday

I must not wear with them like an eroding rock

Find the spaces between today and tomorrow

A simple reminder of the love you may or may not have borrowed

Remind the fading moon on a cloud-filled November night

Come morning, the sun will rise, and beauty will dance before your eyes

Perhaps for you and another

Perhaps, for you and your heart

Do you need inspiration as the colors fade into the earth?

Will your soul be white washed with these winter months so cursed?


I think you know peace

I think you know love


Let yourself free once more

A soul at play

A soul with beauty to convey

An entire lifetime, yet all we ever experience is today.