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Cut me from the lungs which I breathe
If for life, breath I need, then for new lungs, I shall seek
Find a way a good friend of mine once said of a departed mate
If it means everything to you, than there is no amount of time or pressure for you to take
We measure the depths of our souls, by the range of our commitments
I find the most difficulty in committing to myself
Friends, family, and the general public mostly know where they stand with me
Good for a favor, a gift, a drink, and most definitely another
A party, a trip, and perhaps a missed plane ride
Many an early exit from bars around the world
My shortcomings and antics are the second largest contributors to the words I will leave to this world
I think it is honest
It is mostly only I in suffering for my debauchery
Surely those closest to me get a trickle here and there
I have more recently come to terms with the degree in which I black out
Quickly I transform into an individual with the basic needs of surviving the night, and more specifically, the duration of my blackberry’s battery life.
Tossed aside are the things I spend most days telling the world I stand by
My passion is lost in a sea of whiskey
But again, every man is made able such realizations
I am a better man when still behind the wheel of my choices
Better to myself, better to those I love
Often it seems I convinced myself of the necessity to challenge the thresholds on which basic life survived
Hardly an “Into the Wild”, much more peculiar.
Hunter Thompson, among others, were grand proprietors of the strange
I enjoy what strange things come to represent
It is little more than commonality of all creative people
Pushing limits defines much of what I’ve known
Getting old seems to vacation away from such limits
A comfortable middle ground
Static sustainable life to get you through even the worst of days
Days will come and go, both despairing and triumphant
At times the two may even be confused
But there must exist something in each one of us that bellows to be heard
Rather than being herded
A bit of strange in all of us
I try and tell myself there is more than the cultivation and organization of the nuclear family, yet it seems so central to everything I will experience in this life
I have begun to distance myself from the limits
But I will be no stranger
I will be no brick in the wall

A duality I must forever battle: a passion for seeing life as if this is my only chance, and the desire to be amongst the most dependable people you will ever meet.
And so I struggle