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I see these people walking though these streets

It makes no sense that they remind me of the girl I’ve yet to meet

I walk, I talk, I write, and I stumble

Most days going to fast to utter more than a mumble

When will you slow yourself down?

It is not a matter of turning yourself around

You’ve always headed in the right direction

Not by North, not by South, but by the hope you can infect in

The people you love, the people you will love, and those who will never be either or

Long ago I stopped trying to answer what any of this is for

I realized how silly it was once I was able to wrap my head around such

If I love you, know I’m always thinking of ways to show you- how much

Appearances may suggest otherwise

But to be deceived by appearances is left for the unwise

And you before my eyes have never only found happiness with blue skies

The bigger picture is nothing without us in it

Just don’t expect a portrait

It is in the intricate details you will see your face

Your fingerprints that remain from the lives you’ve touched

Not looking for the endgame

Rather knowing there’s good and bad in this world, and their not the same

How will you be remembered, if not by your friends?

Through our memories that fade; we grow together

Through the distances we are separated; we grow stronger

With every hardship that comes between us; our passion endures longer

There is nothing that can take this from us

Death will come, and it will go

Some more personal; some that don’t ripple the flow

That is not to say they’re insignificant

But perhaps we just haven’t pieced together how yet

Do not let evil pull you from that which you are passionate for

Use it like fuel, for the engine that is your heart

Evil will not relinquish its attack of your soul

But you are much stronger

Good will prevail if you believe in the things that occupy your existence

Our time here matters

But it matters for ourselves; and for the good of our relationships with the world

I will not measure myself by the mountains I climb

Rather the valleys I crawl out of

My name is Kevin Lamb, and these are my last words.