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I will not write about this fall like those of the past
Seasons change
Lives change
And it all seems to disappear so fast
From one moment to the next
Strange, the things we’ve learn to and not to expect
Every day we are surrounded by the people that will make any of this worth while
Every day we overlook these people walking by perhaps without even the courtesy of a smile
Who will you remember?
And who will you forget?
Everyone man, every women, wakes each day hoping at an honest shot of happiness
To live a life that celebrates who they are
The things they love
And mostly, the things they can depend on
After all, that’s all any of us are look for
Whether it be in a woman, a job, or friend
Be there for me like I you
A friend for life, a heart true
Let this summer fade
Let leaves whither and die
They are not the fruits of this lifetime
I don’t have all the answers
But people do
Experiences do
And to be yourself you must believe in the things you love
The individual who makes the choices that bring blood beating through your heart
Often we will question
But never shall we throw in the towel
This fight of life is all we have
With each other no one will fight alone
But we will feel alone
Hurt alone
Even love alone
But the difference between feeling and reality is the truth
And in this truth lies our salvation
A safe passage to home
The very things that allow us to breathe
The people we promise never to leave
The setting will always just be a place where this hope was conceived
It is, it has always been, the people that make a difference
That is what I will write about this fall.