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Hard to say

Harder to know

Where these places and people will go

Away from us

Away with us

Perhaps neither here nor there

Nothing seems certain

But love still seems to be the only answer

Not the simplicity of just the love between a man and a woman

But something much greater

Something that must save us all

If only we can believe

Every day is different

The difficulty comes at great contrast

Relative are these days, some slow, some just too fast

But even without the answers

And maybe even without the questions

We can hold on

Even if we don’t know to what

Even if we don’t know to who

We are bound by our blood

Our skin and bones as humans

The beat of our hearts inside our chests

Even if no beat the same

We are tuned to each other like the slow moving feet of a ballerina and the music released from a bow on a violin

Beauty is what love makes possible

Something we cannot give nor take

But are instruments of

Capable of such great and retched heights

Hoping to find a balance between

While the lingering high of ecstasy torments those days in-between

A taste of heaven before death

Places a burden on a man of unrest

So with each day, we wake

And with each breath, we take

We grow closer to the love we’ve convinced ourselves we cannot be without

And to settle would be to die

And in death the ones we loved would cry

And maybe there will or wont be gates opened in the sky

But what chance are you willing to take?

With just one lifetime to make

Something big out of something small

A story, a soul, a memory to change it all.