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I’ve tried it all it seems today
And still the light shines on you in the same way
I have fought so hard to say goodbye
And the more it hurts the more I try

The lesson to be learned is that good things are not bridges to be burned
They are to be held onto and loved
A little bit of your heart is better than none
What has become between us cannot be undone

We will both make mistakes
Both wish there were things we could erase
But forgiveness and love will keep us close
A thirst for your scent, even if its just a dose

I will not walk away
Hurting you only hurts me more
I it is you I wait to see walking through the door
Even if it is just to hear your voice
I know in this matter, it’s not a matter of choice
We are bound together in two different ways
But there exists only one world that I can see your face
So if friend or foe is my heads or tails
I will not leave it to chance, how this coin falls

You are a part of me
A part that I like

So please be gentle
Please be kind

I will not lose you
Or push you away

You are a part of me
That I need to stay


For better

For worse


To be blessed

More than to be cursed


For the smile on your face

The life in your eyes


And the love in your heart

Even if its absence often tears me apart