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By Kevin Alan Lamb

By Kevin Alan Lamb

One more drink is all I ask

Let these past few months fade so fast

Like a candle they turn from whole to wax

Melting away with the fading night

Rest assured, everything will be alright

More days to come, more ways to run

Wild and free, just me

So fill my glass and I will drink it down

How familiar the sound: An empty glass slamming with a pound!

The whiskey makes my blood warm

My body feels for itself and no more

Self sufficient, no longer wishing, no longer waiting

The clock is ticking better get busy making

This life of mine, it’ll all come with time

Eager to find but must always remind

Myself, of myself, or am I good to no one else?

Please fill my glass to the brim

It’ll cure my ailing, I’ve got a whim

My medicine man of many sorts

Without my medication happiness cannot be absorbed

Fill my prescription, don’t I fit the description?

Needing, wanting, struggling to find the diction

To send a message, to take a breath, lift the weight of the world off my chest

The first breath as a free man is better than the rest

So please don’t disturb my beautiful mess

No matter what you think, this isn’t a test

I am a simple man, seeking the world before I’m put to rest.



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