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By Kevin Lamb

By Kevin Lamb

From East to West

Each day I do my best

To close the gap

To get back on track

Bring you closer to my life

Take your hand and dance on a warm summer night

Hand at your hip

Biting my lip

Waiting for a moment that seems right

Counting the days until you are in sight

Like a dream as a child dreams of Santa’s sleigh at night

Sunrises and sunsets, bring us closer to something we didn’t expect

Whether you know or it not we have started building a foundation

What the future holds for its structure is still left for imagination

But like a child I will wonder

Stargaze and hope one does plunder

Fall from above and bring with it some love

Because we need more of it in this life of ours

Never underestimate its power

Fuel for the heart is not to be overlooked

You may have read about such stories in books

But when it is real

When it can be touched, tasted, and returned

That is when heaven and earth collide

And your heart melts in her eyes

In her smile

In a whisper in your ear

Shivers from sandy beach to Navy Pier

You want her near, but it can’t always be so

It seems that’s the way matters of the heart often go

But separation exists in terms of distance

It is our thoughts, and hopes that tell us we cannot miss this

Seize what could be

Believe in the voice at the end of a line

Have faith that good things become better with time

Close the distance with a heart that knows not how to speak of resistance

Open your eyes and in turn let your vision bring light to your life

What a beautiful life it is

Often I wonder when and where I might be able to steal a kiss

But that is the only thing I will steal

In an instant you’ll know how I feel

Because when lips meet no truths can be concealed.

By Eric Hampton

By Eric Hampton



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