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You told me you’d love me for the rest of our days

Under a star filled sky
There was a time when if I told you these things you would have asked me why
But those days are gone
Together we exist in harmony to the beats and rhythms of our song
Anything that feels this right cannot be wrong
So together we be, just you and me
Wait and see, we told the world
The beauty of collision, two hearts, a boy and a girl
On a whirlwind in which we spin
In and out, from bottom to top
I learned a new language, every word but stop
I know not the meaning of this notion
looking into your eyes is like the depth of an ocean
Deep blue and true
Hope for me and you
Hope for better days
Begin to count the ways
I’ve imagined myself kissing the lips on your face
When the moment is right
Not tonight, maybe not even this year
But in possibility there is nothing to fear
I hold you near
And feel your heart beating next to mine
In this moment heaven is defined
Tangible and real
A heart-beat cannot be concealed
It fuels our breath, from the chest
In you, I will invest
My illogical romanticism
My smiles, my tears
I have no fears
I absolve myself from wasted years
Of making something out of nothing
Like water to wine
I am no miracle worker; no not this time
I am but a peasant, wandering the streets
Blessed to have met, the one with such pleasant treats
The fruits of your soul, are but my single goal
To taste, to nurture, to protect and let be
No longer do I ask your happiness come with me
It is yours to have, yours to hold
Yours to lose, yours to mold
What will these words mean when we are growing old?
Will they be lost like so many other things that come and go?
These questions are questions because I just don’t know
But these days will pass
Perhaps this passion will last
Perhaps a bright blue sky above our heads, is all we need, to see, what we can be, if just once when you closed your eyes and made a wish, it was to be with me.