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With just one life, I’ve got to live it

With just one heart, I’ve got to give it

With just one soul, this I know, I can’t let it go

Just two hands, I’ve got to use them, or I am going to lose them

Make the world a better place

Not just for one special face

Not for love or lust

Can’t leave anyone in the dust

Going to have to carry them all

Or we will fall

And when I say we

Know, that’s you and me

Him and her, he and she

All those great things we hope to be

Like the fruit of life falling off a giving tree

Haven’t you taken long enough? Won’t you open your eyes and see!

Just what this could be

Life filled with possibility

I’ve got just one heart

And I better use it, or I’m going to lose it

Going to lose it

I’ve got just one soul

And I better believe

Or what makes me, me, is going to leave

It’s been one lifetime, what more do you need to see?

The fruits of life won’t all fall to you from trees

Sometimes you need realize happiness comes in different degrees

Not always hot or cold, declined or sold

Maybe we’re just meant to be in-between

The morning sun and a moonlit dream

Picturesque perfection is known to deceive

Even the finest things aren’t always what they seem to be

I can give you one thing to believe in and it is me

To give life we must plant a seed

Can’t you recognize you have brothers and sisters in need?

If they were dying on the street, who would we be, not to feed?

Just a nobleman on his high horse looking down his nose in greed

We’ve got just one life; tell me what more do you need?

Dare be the man whose expectations you exceed

What length wouldn’t you go if I told you your loved ones didn’t have to bleed?