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I reach my hand
You pull yours away
In a dismal in-balance; I seem to stay
Not knowing how to let go
More transparent my poker face does grow
I try and tell myself they’re mistakes
But what’s there to lose; what is it going to take?
Is it all but a slow dance, waiting for a moment, a chance?
Hope seems to be slipping
From my fingers down the drain
I can still feel its texture
Still sense the pain
My lips mention her name
Yet my eyes wish to see through this pointless game
Walking alone on a path I’ve been before
Finally realizing there probably isn’t more
Be content or be free
A decision that isn’t even a possibility
Above such simple minded conjecture
A younger version of myself would have wished not to have met her
But those days have turned from dusk to dawn
Like sand blowing in the wind; now gone
I am still me, but with a better understanding of the way things can be

My days in this place are counting down
A smile grows over erasing a frown
A new story
Written for me
My happiness
The life I live without limits but live withs
The ocean
The fine pearl sand by my side
Like I wanted so many others
Yet never did find
I will have my peace
My ease of mind
Nothing but time
New beauty in place of faces no longer new to me
Break the routine
Discover the unseen
No longer can I let this passion be wasted.