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Let the voice in

But please only if you intend to let it out

From sea to mountaintops we all deserve one poetic shout

Across a valley, through a river, to the crumbling snow down mountainside

If you don’t have it in you

Then perhaps the last time I saw the ocean it wasn’t blue

No matter your story, your pain, your glory

Even if, never was, woulda, if I coulda– tomorrow never came

Stand for your name

It is who you are

Your honor, your suffering, and the things you love

The things that seem to be given from up above

From a place you know only here and there

But it is not far, it is not hiding up amongst stars

It is here

It is between me and you but maybe we just don’t know that yet

Maybe we have not found each other

Every day I am finding those that I want on my side in this lifetime

My fucking Army

Gold souls

Bold hearts

Passion that would fuel a car even if it couldn’t start

A lifeline where others could walk

Bathed amongst the fortune surrounding those who avoid misfortune

We are fortunate

Our effort a fortune

McDuck’s sea of gold coins

Blessed from the loins

Going to make some noise

Determined to make a choice

What is better? What is worse?

Some things you don’t leave for the hearse

Know your code

Help bare another’s load

And lose yourself at least once in this lifetime on the open road.